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Urgent advice: smile more often....

Scientists unanimously agree that laughter is healthy for several reasons. In short, it's good for your immune system, it reduces stress, you become prettier by laughing, it helps you relax and it also provides connection around you. The latter is of course also very interesting in many areas of daily life.

And now I read that we are all laughing less and less, there may not be much to laugh about in the world we live in. Partly due to our responsibilities in daily life, we even 'forget' to smile. But yes, a day without laughter is a day wasted, isn't it? Laughter also works as a form of meditation to relax you mentally and enjoy the moment.

So time to laugh and it can be learned, there are even laughter training courses. But let's start with a smile watching the following video and marvel at the effect of a smile on someone else. (More information and references on Medinello's website)


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