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Berg top trading consultancy


BTTC is the working name of BergTopper in the field of Proprietary Trading. We have grown up in this world and have experienced many developments. From the "Open Outcry" to the screen trade, from Human Capital to AI and now the combination of both. What kind of genes does a trader have and what makes a trader so good? And even  important, how do you stay good and on your TOP.

We are specialized in this beautiful niche in the financial world.

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Recruiting good staff is more than a CV. We like customization and that is also appreciated. After a company-wide orientation, we get to work and determine which instruments will be used. In 2023 we like to use the latest online options.

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The hire is successful and new forces have been hired. Of course there is a good On-Boarding policy and the training can also start. The company itself is taking the lead here. BergTopper can contribute to the mental preparation of new traders. 

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Bergtopper is happy to work out the guidance issue. A weekly progress moment is recommended for starters. For more senior traders, a monthly moment is also useful to be able to continue to act at Top level.

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this is what they say

"I worked with Alain during my time as an Equity trader. His advice, guidance, and encouragement were invaluable to my development and achieving consistent profitability. He is easy-going and demanding, all at once and at the right time. I will count on Alain whenever I need to set my mind in the right frame, push through difficult times, or boost my performance."

Roberto de la Iglesia - Trader | CFA Level 1 Passed | MSc Finance and Investments | BSc Economics

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