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Image by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa


What does the team look like and how do you build a team. A team can be mapped out through preliminary work. A real and close-knit team will perform better and be proud of it. We like to work with the techniques of the core quadrant of Ofman.

Image by Miquel Parera


If the basis is good, the team will be able and willing to grow. Here you can help each other and we appreciate that. We now know each other well enough to trust each other in this step and to be able to give and receive feedback. Natural growth is good, forced growth in the form of KPIs will prove less suitable in the long term. 

Image by Brett Jordan


We often hear that there is still so much to learn. Refreshing old knowledge and gaining new insights is very valuable for a team. By introducing game elements, team members learn even more from each other. In this phase the team can see where the possibilities lie. 

Effective team building is more than a funny afternoon. Over the years we have noticed that many people see it as an obligatory annual outing. That is why we started with tailor-made TeamWorks. Doing and experiencing something together and learning something in the meantime is what it's all about.

Rackets en Net
“We had an instructive Team Building's program. We got to know each other through sport and we experienced in a fun way where the match between sport and trading is."

Proprietary Trading Team  - Aldiana Resort - Cyprus

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