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Walking coaching is an important part of Bergtopper. While walking you quickly take a step forward. We take our time and step by step you literally and figuratively walk towards your goal and leave behind what you want. Nothing sweary about it and it has now been proven to work. Tailor-made programs from a weekly walk to a weekend to get you started.

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Performance in the broadest sense of the word. You want to get ahead in your work or in daily life. You have the feeling of standing still and always stepping into the same trap, besides you have to keep all those balls up in the air. In fact, you're just  going to do a good job with yourself. This is where it can get quite confrontational and we sometimes use "provocative" coaching techniques to get moving.



What do we mean by "Out-Of-YourSelf"? Actually, it is a beautiful word that has a very large working area. You get to work with resilience, resilience and look for your own possibilities. You become "you" again and that is the most beautiful thing you can become. Your own BergTopper so that you will experience that everything goes "Out-Of-YourSelf". It's yours and you're going to celebrate ;-)

BergTopper has a diverse package of possibilities in the field of Coaching. We like to think along with you about deploying coaching company-wide or individually. After years of experience, we have seen that coaching can contribute to a healthy work-life balance. That is why we think it is important that companies promote this and make it available. After a successful process, you will be back in the middle of life meaningfully and with pleasure.


walk your career

This Coach proces starts with an introductory meeting, the entire proces can take place on location but also in the open air

Step 1 - Who am I?

We start by mapping out the current situation. You will look for answers to questions such as, where am I, what am I doing. You are looking for the common thread in your work and your private life. A career analysis looking for career anchors. Here you also look for feedback from your environment.

Step 2 - What can I do?

Looking for the drivers in your career and your current work. What do you get energy from? What are your talents, your strengths and your core competencies? Things come back from step 1 that fall into place here. You can complete a number of online tests to help you further.

Step 3 - What do I want?

You look for your career prospects based on values and life goals. What do you expect from an environment in the broadest sense, in other words what are your work wishes. You make a Priority List of what you really want to see reflected in your work. A search for fun job profiles can help you to get a clear picture of a number of things.

Step 4 - What do I tackle?

Now that everything is falling into place, it's time for an ACTION list. What will the goals be? Your network is useful, what does your resume and LinkedIn look like. Are there courses to follow, which organizational forms suit you? Based on all the steps, you write down your personal characteristics in key points in a personal profile and you can also present this.

The process ends with a conclusion where we focus on your next steps, how do you convert your plans into concrete actions and how do you know when you have passed. 

"I worked with Alain during my time as an Equity trader. His advice, guidance, and encouragement were invaluable to my development and achieving consistent profitability. He is easy-going and demanding, all at once and at the right time. I will count on Alain whenever I need to set my mind in the right frame, push through difficult times, or boost my performance."

Roberto de la Iglesia - Trader | CFA Level 1 Passed | MSc Finance and Investments | BSc Economics

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