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Trader looking for job opportunity

CFA student with great mathematics skills looking for trading job.

This candidate is looking for a trader job and willing to relocate, most preferably Amsterdam. We spoke with him and he is very dedicated to "Go for It"

So we will help him to find his dream job. At this moment he is actively searching!

If you want to know more about this person please get in contact with Alain (+31625152997)

What makes this person good for a trading job?

We always would like some charateristics in a candidate

Trading Experience

Sports Gaming - Never give up

The Basics


TRading experience

He tried some swing trading, not much but at least he experienced the first emotional rollercoasting moments. A great start with XRP and afterwards some side trading in stocks like Alibaba.

Sport and gaming

Never give up

During his student time he played poker in the Hippodrome in London. He now plays regularly with friends at home on his own table. Also playing darts and pool in that spot. Probably this comes from family roots as there is a family connection with a betting shop.

The basics

After finishing BSc Mathematics at the University of London he finished a MSc in Investing Management. Now studying for CFA lvl 1. Good discipline after two years of serving as a sergeant with the Military Police. Fluently English. Nice IT skills like Python, Excel VBA, Blommberg and Power BI

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