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2023 - Year of the Optimist

At the end of 2022 I came across a video of Daniel Ricciardo, the well-known F1 driver. Daniel will be the new teammate of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at Red Bull. The Australian Formula 1 driver will become a reserve and test driver in 2023. In Max Verstappen's first years in Formula 1, Daniel Ricciardo, the most cheerful note in Formula 1, was also his teammate.

Now about that video, Daniel is the Chief Optimism Officer of Opus. He wears a shirt with YES on it and talks with a big smile about optimism. Especially in his world of sports much needed. He loves the challenge and competition and says that by being and staying optimistic, he has more confidence and courage. How cool is that! And optimism starts with a big "Yes"

Whatever you do and whatever you go for to achieve, go for an optimistic state of mind, choose the optimistic way, say Yes and go for it. "Yes you can" especially in 2023.

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