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Can I have 1 portion of nature - coach?

Go out to the paths and into the avenues, but in nature. I regularly read articles about nature and walking, including today on a reading table in "Sante Magazine". With headlines such as "A portion of nature works as well as some medication" there is a lot of talk and quotation from the book "Nature on doctor's prescription (translation from dutch)" by Dirk Avonts. A bit short-sighted (for me), but the studies don't lie. It has long been known that our mental health gets a boost from nature. The ancient Greeks already believed that a good walk could make us a lot wiser.

The best proof is your own experience, I say, and I notice again and again that during a walk through nature, both the coach and the coachee walk a beautiful path with natural tranquility. We not only discuss the daily questions, but we get to the core of the question more easily.

Walking is of course no Prozac, a panacea for depressive moods or a magic spell to make all kinds of work, relationship and financial problems disappear. But walking can help to shift focus and attention so that there is room for other thoughts to get started with. Nature is also full of symbolism and materials to stimulate the senses and allow you to move from your head to your feelings. And I hear that more often, I want to feel more, so go into nature!

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